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vijaylaxmi SSSPECTRUM FORTUNE Magic Lamp:
The name it self talk about magic as five kind of metal is used in the making of this lamp (gold silver, copper, brass, lead) and also it indicates four elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth.

How we use the magic lamp:
It is in two parts the first is down part where there is symbol of swastika and in side that we have to place the oil diya, and on the top we place the container with a cover on top fill water 80% in that and put a camphor and a clove and the fragrance oil so when we light the diya in side it starts heating up the water, when the water start evaporating all around in the house the negative energy convert into carbon and start accumulating the lamp down part, and speared positive energy the camphor when mix in water and speared the fragrance in the house it helps to keep good health, the clove takes out the evil effect from the surrounding area and the oil fragrance makes its more healthy positive and aroma keeps us in great mood.

Benefits Of The Lamp:
This lamp can be used any where House, Office, Hospitals, Factory, School, College, Farm houses, Hotels, Motels act… It give health, wealth, happiness to all, where elders in the house are not well one can light the lamp it will give them good health, If children and not doing their studies well u can light the lamp their they will start concentrating in their studies. If husband wife keep fighting in the house and the family is suffering light the lamp see the magic of unity in the house. If friends, workers, servants, any outside visitor come to your house and start spreading negative energy light the lamp every day and see the change, every one will be positive in the house when they enter your house.

We are very much in use of our bank debit cards and all kind of credit cards, the reason is simple we feel comfortable and secure when we go out any where in the world, so ssspectrum fortune brings you same kind of card which you can keep in your valets, or your hand bag, and ladies purse or brief cases whenever or where ever you travel, the symbols and the colors keep giving you positive energy, when you go for interviews, you will e more confident in using the card, your interview will be good you will be selected in the office, if you go out for work you will feel the day is going good for you, when you meet your boss or any other office guy you will feel confident talking to them. Luck will be with u always and you will make good in life.

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How to use the Lucky card
Every Morning once you have to read the card and see the symbols, when you this every day, the rays of the card will do your aura clean, and make you positive. Also the symbols will give you positive healing and sparkle your luck more for the day, things will be more positive then. And every day you have to read the lines to empower your self.
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