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1. Introduction
Spiritual healing is a term known to many. However it means different things to different people. In this article we define what we mean by the phrase ‘spiritual healing’ and discuss the principles behind how it works.

The entire premise and perspective of this article is based on the purpose of life, one of which is to grow spiritually and help others — not merely at a worldly level but with the focus to help them grow spiritually. The more aligned we are with helping a person grow spiritually when we practice spiritual healing, the less we risk being contrary to the purpose of life, which would lead to a reduction in our spiritual capability to heal.

2. What is spiritual healing?
Spiritual research has shown us that up to 80% of problems in our lives have their root in the spiritual dimension. We have covered the various aspects of how the spiritual dimension affects our life under the section on Spiritual causes of difficulties.

Spiritual healing is defined as overcoming the spiritual root causes of problems through spiritual means.
Outline of Subjects covered in this course:

1. Qualities needed to be a healer.

2. Theory of Healing:
a. What healing is
b. How a healer uses Healing Energy
c. History of healing
d. Healing, promotion of health & prevention of illness
e. Prayer

3. Energy Bodies:
a. Physical - Emotional - Causal
b. Meridians
c. Flow of life's energy
d. Healing reactions, illness & how energy blocks clear

4. Special Clients and Healing:
a. Children & Babies
b. Pregnant women
c. Mentally unstable or emotional clients
d. Drugs and addictions

5. Practical work:
a. Healing Movements
b. General
c. Specific
d. Care of client during healing
e. Healing practice
f. Ongoing appraisal and feedback
g. Body & posture awareness for the healer

6. Consultations:
a. Purpose and theory
b. Practice
c. Ongoing appraisal and feedback

7. Advice to Clients:
a. Homework
b. Diet& Nutrition (basic)
c. Breathing exercises
d. Enhancing of healing
e. Relaxation
f. Cleansing of the Energy Bodies
g. Energy care
h. Exercise - general
i. Visualization & Relaxation
j. Affirmations

8. Spiritual Knowledge Essential to Healers:
a. Karma& Reincarnation in relation.
c. Pure Meditation and its benefits

9. Care of Healers' Energy:
a. Realization & mastery of self
b. Working to be rid of Ego
c. Emotions in relation to healing - how to be in charge
d. Breathing exercises.

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