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Spiritual CounsellingWhat is Spiritual Counselling?
Advice and support for a person to more fully experience her or his spiritual nature.

This counselling usually only lightly touches upon areas that are normally dealt with in personal psychology (such as relations, self-image, self-worth, habits and behaviours). The major focus is upon aspects such as: faith, devotion, wisdom, compassion, spiritual techniques (eg. prayer and meditation), and spiritual experiences.

In general, counselling works best through respect. The person giving advice is at heart, really not that much different than the person asking for it! Only, the counsellor usually has had more experience about the topic being discussed. When that topic is spirituality, the aim is to empower a basically well-adjusted person to further his or her growth towards recognising and becoming part of the larger experience that we call life ( or Life, depending on our way of thinking).

Spiritual Counselling FAQ
The S piritual P ath threads its way through our lives from beginning to end--whether we realise it or not. Because of this, it encompasses all levels of our gradually awakening consciousness. At first, spiritual issues revolve more around the personal level. But gradually we begin to address areas that become transpersonal and universal in scope. This is just the nature of the journey. The following link, Taking the Spiritual Path , provides some tips and ideas for working with the challenges that we occasionally encounter along our road to wholeness and well-being. You can also access free spiritual counselling via this page.

How to Get Free Spiritual Counselling
Many of the spiritual counsellors you will find via the web can help you with a broad range of topics related to spiritual and psychic life. The general areas covered usually include:

markerProblems affecting spiritual practice
markerPersonal growth

Understanding spirituality
markerPersonal / Humanistic
markerTranspersonal / Holistic
markerPhilosophy / Science
markerModern Western
markerEastern Metaphysics

Techniques for spiritual growth
markerTranspersonal Psychotherapy
markerOpening the Heart
markerLove, Devotion, Surrender, Compassion, Contentment
markerMindfulness, Concentration, Visualisation, Energy Work

One way to ask a question or request counselling is through working with your own inner resources. Parts of your being "inside" are wise, capable and do believe in you fully and whole-heartedly. The guided colour meditation available on the following page, Counselling Meditation, will help you to honour this inner spirit and find a way to make space and quiet for it to share with you. You can actively meet with your inner heart and discover what all parts of your being have to share. Through this, both your whole and your hurt inner voices can have expression to cooperate and discover a fair solution for your entire self.
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